Precise Milling Services

 5-axis milling machine HERMLE C 30 U
Demonstration of product machining
Demonstration of product machining
Demonstration of product machining

Our in-house high production 5X milling centre with a unique and impressive machine concept is used for the efficient machining of tools, moulds and series-produced parts. This machining centre with NC swivelling rotary table and with powerful CAD/CAM software is capable of generating truly precise customized solutions even in small volumes. We are able to effectively cover prototyping, verification and production.

The control unit is designed for sophisticated milling processes and deliver numerous advantages, whether for tool manufacturing and mould making, in production machining and in high-speed machining or in individual milling jobs from single-part production to series manufacturing.

We can easily to work at the machine or at a programming station at the same time. We can program our own conventional milling, drilling, and boring operations at the machine in dialog with the control.

Owing to its quality and high precision, we can also increasingly use the CNC with great success for the production of small and medium lots. And of course, we are in conviction that our company with 5X milling centre is the perfect solution for all your applications where power, accuracy and universality are required.

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