FEA analysis

PStructural analysis of the box for electronic equipment, project for ESA
Thermal analysis, heat transmission on the processor board
Simulation of air circulation and thermal analysis, PC server cooling flow gradient
Thermal analysis, cooling of external power line cable

Thanks to FEA analysis provided by our company Q PRODUCTS, we are able to analyse and optimaze your CAD models, compositions, by designing a more effective product. The results of the analysis are incorporated into construction proposals.

Analysis with the method of finite elements (FEA) is suitable when solving various physical problems (calculation of mechanical strain, heat-carrying capacity, electrical features, etc.) FEA enables to recalculate any complex object. It is not limited on single forms.

Thanks to modern technology, our developers are able to optimize the geometry of a single product with respect to stiffness and security. They can test several variations in a short time period. The analysis can be done already at the initial stage of development. Weak points can be eliminated at the beginning. Numerous options are tested and finally we conclude with best result. All of the above mentioned leads to more secure products and moreover to shorter development time period. Time and cost saving is a significant advantage as well.

We can develop the whole project by ourselves, or on the other hand, we can support and participate on ongoing projects. Our customer is fully informed about the status of the project and at the end a technical report is prepared. If needed, the report can be provided in Slovak, English and German language.

The input data can be provided in compatible 3D format, such as drawing documentation or sketch.

To solve the projects, the following programmes can be used: SW I-DEAS master FEM, FEMAP + NX Nastran, Femap Flow, Femap Thermal a Ansys.



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