Vehicle's Black Box with the Ability to Communicate via IRIDIUM Satellite Network

Vehicle's Black Box
Vehicle's Black Box
Vehicle's Black Box
Vehicle's Black Box

The Vehicle's Black Box reads and records characteristic operating values of a mobile platform such as a vehicle – enginehours, the time of engine operation, exceeding the maximum allowed engine oil temperature, exceeding the maximum allowed hydraulic oil temperature, fuel consumption and the like. The recorded values are recorded and logged with a timestamp – the date and time of an event.

The Vehicle's Black Box contains a GPS module intended to monitor the vehicle's geographic location and a modem intended to establish the satellite data communication within the Iridium network through which messages indicating the status of the monitored vehicle are transmitted. Using electronic mail, the unit communicates with the control center on a daily basis. The data can also be read using the RS232 interface and transfer it to a PC.

The Vehicle's Black Box is equipped with two types of memory — short-term memory and long-term memory.

The short-term memory serves to record/store information of all events along with their time stamps. This memory is wiped on a regular basis: once the memory is full, older readings are deleted as they are overwritten by newer readings. When the unit is operated on a daily basis, the expected duration of each such data segment (an event reading/record) is several months. (The actual duration, however, depends on the number of a vehicle’s starts per day).

The long-term memory serves to record/store information of total periods during which the allowed values for particular parameters were exceeded (cumulatively for individual types of events regardless the time when an event occurred – such as enginehours, the total duration of operation at a certain level of operating temperature etc.). These data are valid over the entire lifespan of a vehicle and can neither be changed nor erased. The unit data also contain the serial number of a vehicle in which the unit has been installed.

The firmware may be updated (or upgraded) through the RS232 interface (serving the purpose of connection to a PC) without any mechanical intervention in the apparatus.

Adobe Acrobat PDF  Vehicles.BlackBox.Datasheet  (English)


Power requirements:9-30V DC
I/O interface:1x connection to satelitte antenna
1x connection on cabling in vehicles
Dimension (W x H x D):180 x 197 x 74 mm, screw fixing using four screws
Weight:3 kg
Color:Black, MIL Green or any customer defined
Operating temp.:-25ºC to 60ºC
Storage temp.:-40ºC to +85ºC
Protection:according IP54
Vibration:Operating: 1g: 50-2000 Hz
Storage: 4g: 50-2000 Hz
Shock:Operating: 15Gs, 11ms, ½ sine wave pulse
Altitude:Operating up to 3000m
Humidity:5% to 90% non-condensing



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